Most common mistakes in software development

Software development mistakes

Software project failure is what we hear. It is common in a software industry that a software projects gets failed. There are maximum percentages of projects that fail and we cannot argue with that. We should look at the ways to fight with causes of failures of software development. In order to remove these issues and mistakes we should find traps and  software development mistakes. There are three areas in which a client is dissatisfied and gets failed.

There is a difference between the prices of project. It is more costly than expected.

The project is delayed and its gets late. The project is not up to the is not satisfying the requirements of the clients. These are the issues which are a hindrance in handling our problems. Following is the detail of such issues. Being a developer and consultant we have seen few such issues which are listed below.


  1. Easy:

As a business developer or a software developer, your request is supposed to be very easy to implement. They should understand the meaning of simplicity. Sometimes this simplicity leads to a lot or work.

  1. Clear needs:

Sometimes developers are not able to define their business needs and requirements. Sometimes there is different problem that needs another solution and they come up with different request.

  1. Low time for thinking

We start thinking about the solutions too quickly. The business should express its needs. It should propose the solution.

  1. Little time for deal:

Quickness and readiness is the main issue in any deal. They like to provide their clients with quick estimate. Giving little information and expecting high estimate in return is bad. Negotiations are tricky and confusing part. They may lead to low price than the rough estimate. When they do not deal properly the project appears to be low on budget.

  1. Short time for coding:

They do not take time for thinking and brainstorming. Developing team immediately jump to coding and programming. Developer think that they know everything about the project while they need to know about the project. They might face some voids which needs to be filled. When the time comes to show the final result to the client he gets a shock that it is different from what he thought of. He finds the difference between concept and reality.

  1. Little time for a good software design:

It is a common picture that business developers put pressure on a software developer. So it disturbs their efficiency. He is faced with less time and they do not think about decent solution.

  1. Code testing:

Testing is one the issues developers face when they do not test the code. In the end they do not get the results according to then it is the time consuming. They do not take it as a part of their job which creates bug fixing and makes the client unhappy.

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