Reduce Database Licensing Costs

Database Licensing

Every business needs to maintain adequate records of data while it interacts with the customers, clients, and employees or replies via email. It is tough to maintain individual records since information has to be searched for manually when you need it.

Oracle database and software programs allow for the storage and retrieval of information on hard drive file and other devices. Widespread computer program is the need of almost all the offices to safeguard confidential and sensitive information. Oracle database is the apt solution since it is much convenient and easy to use as the information gets distilled. In fact, it is the top database system in the entire market.

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There are many complex criteria for Oracle database licensing, thus many shops employ Oracle streams or replication tools to come up with standby data guard, database or multi-master replication.

As the licensing process is pretty complex, it is important to summon Oracle certified professional for the licensing work. The process is pricey as well and thus you need to learn how to enter into better deals.

Minimizing Oracle database licensing charges with the handy tips

If you wish to save on the licensing fee, it can be done with the proper planning. The Oracle database will perform to the optimum level as well. Follow the tips below:

  • To save thousands of dollars on licensing work, consolidate your Oracle production environment. There are several production databases that run on different servers in the shops. If you can consolidate production instances, you can save large sums of money. Oracle server consolidation is the key to everything. Try and buy SMP servers in large numbers. Apart from this, move dozens of instances onto the singular monolithic environment. This way, you can share the CPU resources transparently between several Oracle instances.
  • Always use dedicated Oracle server to save on the licensing charges. Try and keep the Oracle server isolated as you get no discount from Oracle when you run multiple applications on the singular server.
  • Buying speedy processors can also save in huge amounts. You need to know that Oracle licensing will not distinguish between low and fast processors.
  • It is crucial to maximize your processor resource. In case, you have multiple Oracle servers, you will have to pay too much. One must consider HWM or high water mark consumption for CPU consumption. This is even more important when your shop has SLA or service level agreement. For instance, having 4 production servers with the singular CPU and on the other hand having High Water Mark of 20%, fitting the singular server in a comfortable manner, can save a lot of money by freeing you from licensing task of 3 processors.

The need for Oracle licensing

Oracle standby server has to be licensed necessarily. Failover database and mall standby must also be licensed completely. Database Licensing is needed to use the software program. When it comes to Database licensing, it is important to consider the pricing.

Special kinds of database licensing structure for Oracle need to be considered. Enter into attractive licensing deals to save thousands of dollars on enterprise licensing. Check out the licensing document meticulously and the policies.

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