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Trello has been a very easy to use tool since September 2011. It’s a web based project-management application that was introduced at TechCrunch Event by Fog Creek. Trello is one of the all-time favorite tools for content marketing. As for many of your tools you need to pay for them but Trello is free to use. The tool is capable enough to do a lot of your business with putting less efforts and time. By using Trello you will find your content marketing strategies are working in a very effective way. The tool makes everything available in one place and making sure you find everything in a simpler way.

Let’s have a tour ahead and find all amazing features of Trello.


First you need to sign up to use the tool. You will find boards, lists and cards. Boards are basically used for themes like content marketing and Facebook Ads. You can fit your majority of the work in one board. You have the opportunity to create as many as boards as you want. To create your board, click on the “Create New Board” and name your board whatever you want to.


Talking about the Lists are vertical columns and hold cards, which are small in size. Using lists you can create more specific categories to work. To create new list, click on the “Add a list” then “Add a new list” and name it. The lists can now hold cards. Cards are individual Post-Its. They grip information about specific micro-subjects. Over here you can store the ideas for your next article. The cards hold descriptions and comments. Description tells members what the card is all about and the comments section would serve as a way of discussion.

As if now, you have a board, a list, and a card. These are the basic three components on which you’ll be working on. Don’t forget to notice the buttons for adding members, labels, checklist & a due date. This would be beneficial to keep the projects on track. Also, you can use Markdown in Trello which will help you format your content. To have a helpful overview, you can click on the edit the description option of a card and click on “Formatting Help” in the lower right-hand side of corner.


Markdown in Trello is a really handy tool if you want to format your text, add links, or post images. For organizing your content, you can easily organize a wide variety of content in an efficient sense. You can use Trello just like your wallet too. Also, you can use Trello in a clever way for organizing great calendars and content strategies. You can make your list read from left to right so you in actual fact create an organizational funnel.

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As per the final words, Trello is a free, easy & super flexible tool with enormous number of features & deserves a try. I can simply say there is no other tool that does all the things without even charging a penny.

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