Bhandardara – A Lot More than just Adventure Sports


The actual meaning of Bhandardara is “valley of fortunes.” Here the components of nature are in immaculate congruity – From the most noteworthy mountain crest in Maharashtra, to one of the biggest lakes and most established dams in the nation, finishing its voyage as the mother of all rainy destinations with its cascading waterfalls. In addition, This region has it all. Bhandardara’s accommodating and rural appeal offers an essence of provincial Maharashtra, quietness, reviving atmosphere and a solid dosage of clean air. Superb climate consistently, makes a trip to Bhandardara one wonderful experience.

The Bhandardara Tourism has a lot to boast about. For many, the place is a haven of adventure sports and an ideal getaway from Mumbai, but this place has a lot more than just adventure sports. In addition,  Read ahead to find out what all has Bhandardara in store for its visitors.

  1. Lake Arthur Hill

Arthur Lake is framed because of the water originating from Pravara River. In addition, This lake is otherwise called Lake Arthur Hill. Agastya Rishi contemplated at this lake ceaselessly for over a year. Arthur Lake serves as the reservoir for Wilson Dam. Moreover,  Arthur Lake will give you an incredible understanding of the different societies and customs of Bhandardara.

  1. Umbrella Falls

This counterfeit waterfall is shaped when one of the entryways from the Wilson Dam is opened only when the water levels ascend above the required point of confinement amid the rains or at whatever point water is required for watering system. It is enigmatically an umbrella-molded as it fans out over the stones. A pathway takes you from the recreation center at the foot of the dam to inside of the splashing falls.

  1. Ratangarh Fort

ratangarh fort

The fort is 400 years old and is the spot where the Maratha warrior Shivaji used to rest. This fortification was ceased by Shivaji and he used it recreational purposes. There are various trekking trails close to this fort, from where vacationers get excellent perspective of the valley in the Sahyadri Mountain Range. The Ratangad Fort is known for its delightful characteristic surroundings and the diverse sorts of trekking tracks. However,  It is located in the Sahyadri range, close to the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Resort.

  1. Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar Temple is situated toward the initial point of the Ratanwadi town in the Igatpuri locale. It is believed to be more than 1,200 year old sanctuary which highlights Lord Shiva as the fundamental divinity. The Amruteshwar Temple has been developed in Hemadpanthi building style with excellent rock carvings on the fundamental holy place.

  1. Wilson Dam

Considered to be one of the most famous and important places to visit in Bhandardara, the Wilson Dam are an effective affirmation to the building aptitudes of days passed by. Arranged at a height of 150 meters above sea level.  It is one of the most beautiful and essential dams in the nation. The opening of conduit entryways makes two 60 to 80 feet falls of water. Moreover,  That dive to the stones beneath making a marvelous sight.

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