Outdoor Adventures to Try this Summers

Adventure junkies are full of adventure, thrill and enthusiasm that make them force to try another new adventure. Summers do not come saying you can’t enjoy  activities. There are still many of the adventure activities to try in the hot temperature of summers. Trying the listed  activities you will be able to fulfill the feeling of adventure that always tempts you even in the hot hours of hot season. Take a look here:

Adventures to do

  • Volcano Boarding:

A sport that is a must do thing once on volcano slopes. To try volcano boarding or ash boarding you can visit the most popular slope of Cerro Negro near Leon in western Nicaragua. Keep in mind the major insecurities of falling off and getting cut by the volcano ash or breathing in the poisonous gases or you can be hit by the flying molten lava.

  • Camping around the trees:

Go for camping in the West Ladakh Lake on the banks of river Indus. You can go for trekking in Ladakh and to the monasteries nearby. The best part of going camping in Ladakh would be your tents would be in a location full of the apricot, rocks, willow trees where migratory birds are also visible sometimes.

  • Coasteering:

A very unique adventure sport where exhilaration of sea level traversing is also a must do sport. Trying coasteering you can take in movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline by foot or by swimming. Coasteering can be enjoyed to the fullest in New Zealand or can be found in Canada, USA or Australia.Related image

  • Mountaineering:

A sport of mountain climbing that involves ski mountaineering. Going for hiking in the mountains is the simplest form of mountaineering. Trying this adventure gives you a actual feel of going through an ultimate adventure and satisfying the evil of adventure inside you.

  • Hang Gliding:

A non-motorized adventure sport with foot-launched wing. Hang gliding can be experienced like Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Simla and the many other cities of India. While enjoying the adventure uou need to keep in mind safety factors like altitude and personal judgment.

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari:

The best idea of fun at foreign locales is the most chosen one. But trying it in India would also be an amusing experience. To have an amazing experience you can try it in Maharashtra, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Rajasthan and the many other cities of India.

  • Bungee Jumping:

Feel the thrill f drooping down from a platform placed above 83m above the ground and hang upside down in the middle. Bungee jumping is an adventurous thing that can sometimes go wrong. But, high level of security is maintained with the help of experts. So, provoke the adventure evil inside you.

  • Sky Dive:

Go through the moment of living your life on the edge. You can try skydiving in Mysore as this place is on top for trying skydiving. The professional training for 2-3 days is given in order to maintain the security level. So, skydiving can be the next adventure to try.

These were some of the adventures to try in the hot season this year.

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