Anjuna Beach in Goa

Anjuna Beach is located almost 18KM from Panaji and its location in Bardeztaluka. The Anjuna beach is the part of 30KM more long beach coastline along the west coast of Goa by Arabian Sea.

Anjuna Beach in Goa

Anjuna Beach in Goa

The village of Anjuna is a five square mile area somewhere in between the Arabian Sea and the Hill overlooking the beach. The beach is notorious and famous for its stunning natural beauty with longs palms trees and green plants with soft powered white sands.

The beach is famous as an uncertainly rocky type, a cove of white sand and black rock that is in sea only. Area is famous as the jewel of Anjuna and called Ozran.

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is famous for haunt of the hoppies whose basic purpose is to organize the famous rave beach parties. Hippies in existence from 1950s to 1960s visiting Anjuna beach.  Since it is popular for the wild rave parties. These Parties with trance music which have now become the characteristic feature of Goa’s beaches. Anjuna beach is an ideal place for full moon parties organized especially during Christmas and New Year. Tourist love enjoying this beautiful environment of full-moon casting and the soft foamy waves kissing their feet.


This beach is near to Chapora fort. The “Albuquerque mansion” location nearby is one of the most attracting highlights of this beach. At the north of the Anjuna is its most notorious flea market held on Weds, where small cafes and bars and Kashmiri handicrafts stalls are lined. This place deals shopping experience with quality products at reasonable prizes.

Bathing is generally safer at Anjuna than at most of the nearby resorts especially at the more serene southern end of the beach where a rocky headland keeps the sea calm. At this place sun -starved European tourists laze around bathing in the pleasant sun. The exhilaration of Bungee Jumping from an 80-ft tower and water-sports facilities like paragliding and windsurfing boosts the fun at Anjuna.

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Beach

Best time to visit

The Best Time to visit Anjuna Beach is November to March. During the period of X-mas and New Year rush the area is crowded with a huge number of tourists from all over India and the world who came in to enjoy the colorful beach parties.

Places to Stay:

There are a lot of guesthouses around the Anjuna village and even some of restaurants and luxurious resorts that arrange tours for Goa sight-seeing. Few apartments are also available on rent if one is planning to stay on the Goa Anjuna beach for number of months. But booking is a must during the high seasons and should be in advance.

Places to Eat

There number of places at Anjuna with best locations to eat and drink. Most are simple open-air and palm leafs which specialized in sea food. The German bakery and White Negro and Sea breeze café and Martha’s breakfast home Friends corner are some of them. All serve cold beer invariably with brilliant techno the trance music in the background.

How to reach there:

By Air:

The nearest Airport is Dabolin 29km away from Panaji, 47 km from Anjuna.

By Rail:

The nearest Railhead is at Karmali 11km from Panaji 29 km from Anjuna.

By Road:

Buses are available after every hour to Anjuna from Mapusa for tourists arriving from Mumbai andMapusa.

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