Bask in the Enthralling Beauty of Dehradun: Some Popular Places to Visit Here

Today, man is mire down by the workload and responsibilities of life, which has hamper man’s health, both physically and mentally. Every once in awhile, there is a respite needed from the mundanity of the hectic city life. People from the major cities, sought for such an escape in the hill station, present on the landscape of India and that’s the reason a Delhi to Dehradun taxi is a common sight.

Delhi to Dehradun

So, this vacation, stop stressing your brains and wasting time in deciding which place to go to. Just grab the next Delhi to Dehradun taxi and visit the Gateway of all other hill stations in Uttarakhand, Dehradun. If you live in a far away city of India, then do not worry, Dehradun has a well connectivity of the railway and the airway, as much as its roadway. So, book your flights or train in advance, and head towards north, in the lap of the great Himalayas, to have the most memorable time of your lives, in Dehradun.

This article will hopefully serve you as a guide for the most popular places, you must visit in Dehradun, as a newbie to the place. So, enjoy your hearts, soul and mind. Come along with your family, friends, or lover; Dehradun has something for everyone, indeed.

Retreat Yourself in the Thicket of Fauna: Malsi Deer Park

The Malsi Deer Park is a popular place in Dehradun, where you can go on an animal, safari and have a nice, cosy time with the kind animals in the area. Blanketed with two-horn deer, peacock, tiger, nilgai, and various other animals, this park offers a refreshing treat for the children. People who go whoa at the sight of the animals, they can see only at their cartoon channels!

Robber’s Cave: An Immaculate Sight to Behold

A river, streaming in a cave like structure, which seems to play hide and seek, it is a very popular tourist place of Dehradun. Also a popular picnic spot, the Robert’s Cave is a must visit for all those who wish to get lost in the serenity of nature. Welcome in your lives, a truly rejuvenating experience here.

How About Visiting a Monastery?

This place has something, which a city is sure, devoid of. A Buddhist monastery. The Mindrolling Monastery is a popular and one of the most revered monasteries in Clement Town, near Dehradun. Visit it to experience a touch of the Tibetan culture.

Lachhiwala: Heaven on the Earth

22 km from Dehradun, is Lachhiwala, a pitch perfect spot to hangout and picnic in. A painter’s paradise, a poet’s poem, a reader’s reading room, one name has many forms, when it comes to Lachhiwala. An enchanting place, basked in immense greenery, pleasant aura, swaying flowers. It is a must visit spot for all the nature lovers, who wish to seek tranquility with their lovers, or even children who wish to play around in a vast open landscape.

Visit Tiger Falls To Revive Your Souls

87 km from Dehradun at Chakrata, the Tiger Falls is one of the most amazing places to visit around Dehradun. Experience the pleasure of trekking by ascending 5 km from Chakrata to reach Tiger Falls. It is a mesmerizing spot to picnic and relax in. The beautiful backdrop, painted with immense greenery and mountains, is bound to take you aback. Have a rejuvenating experience amidst these falls, a perfect place for nature lovers and solace-seekers.

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