Beaches in Norway

Beaches in norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country north of the tropic of cancer sharing a border with Finland, Sweden and Russia. Its territory comprises of mostly mountains, glaciers and Fjords. Fjords are deep, narrow and elongated sea rivers with highline on both sides. Its area is approximately 385,252 square kilometers and it has a population of approximately 5 million people. Nearly 70% of Norway is uninhabitable and comprises of mountains, glaciers, moors and rivers. It is situated in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and extends about 1,770 kilometers from the North Sea along the Norwegian Sea to more than 483 kilometers above the Arctic Circle. This makes it the farthest north of any European country.

It has a very long ocean front due to the hundreds of fjords which cut deep into its territory. These fjords make up to 19,312 kilometers of ocean front in Norway. Norway is a fascinating country with beautiful sights and natural phenomenon unknown to habitants of other parts of earth. A mesmerizing sight to watch is the northern lights which take place during late autumn and early spring. It is a natural phenomenon and also called Aurora Borealis. People call it natures own theatre. Another fascinating sight to watch in the Norwegian lands is the midnight sun. Visitors enjoy 24 hours of daylight here. Being a destination of immense aesthetic pleasures and natures creation it boasts of a huge coastline with several beaches in Norway. These beaches are mesmerizing in their beauty and provide the perfect landmark for various recreational activities.



Solastranden is a 2-3 kilometers long beach located close to the Stavanger airport. It is one of the most popular and visited Norway beaches . This beach is ideally used for wind and water sports like windsurfing, kite surfing and water surfing. It also has some of the finest sandy beaches in Norway attracting bathers during the summer. Another attraction for sports lovers in sola beach is the sola golf course, situated close to the sola beach. An alluring destination for aesthetics and a welcoming field for sportsmen, solastranden seduce its visitors with its beauty and ingenuity.


Arkehamn is a small fishing town on the west coast facing the North Sea. It has attractive sandy beaches and alluring rocky shore line. It is closely associated with the fishing industry and visitors can often devour fish, shrimps and crab during their visits. South of the Arkehamn harbor lies the sandy Akrasanden beach, voted the most beautiful beach in Norway. The coastal museum on the quay shows how life was earlier in Arkehamn and is a delight for history lovers. There is also a great trail for adventurers who can hike along the nature and heritage trail that starts from the village Akra to the village of Ferkingstad. It follows a very natural path and is home to various flora and fauna.


Vigra is an island in the giske municipality of Norway. This island is located north of the islands odd valderoya and giske. Communication to this island is create by a series of roads, tunnels and bridges which connect it to the city of Alesund in the south. The island is mostly barren but in recent times it convert for agricultural uses. The most populated village here is Roald. Vigra has excellent walking trails along the sea shore and over the hills. Number of beaches here namely, Blimsanden, Rorvikvagen, Roald and Molnes serve the visitors with astounding sights and pleasure. Wind and water sports serve the recreational purpose for several visitors. Surfing in the beautiful clean water and wind surfing during the summer are very popular sports here.


Stokkoya is an island located in the municipality of Afjord in Sor-Trondelag county in Norway.Harsvika is the largest village in the area. This area has brilliant sandy beaches and beach bars. One of the most popular one is the Stokkoya Sjosenter. It lies right along the coast of the sea and provides a perfect place for calm and relaxation. Hosnavika beach in this area is perfect for kayaking and surfing. Along the ocean lines lies a beautiful trail of natural countryside with mountains and caves to explore. This makes Stokkoya a perfect place to have a calm vacation as well as an adventurous time through hiking, kayaking and windsurfing. This is one of the best norway beaches.


Vestvagoy is a municipality in the Nordland County in Norway. It is one of the most important fishing municipalities in Norway and the second largest in northern Norway concerning agriculture. The coastline is dominate by high mountains and also on the west coast are beautiful white sandy beaches which makes this destination a must visit for travelers. The most popular and visited beaches in Vesvagoy is the haukland beach. The coastline boasts of beautiful beaches and hill sides.


This is also a municipality in the Nordland County. It is another one of the exquisite northern Norway islands with beautiful white beaches. In the summer there is the chance of witnessing a grandeur occasion with the midnight sun, and in the winter one experiences the northern lights. Visiting Flakstadoya and other northern districts gives a traveler a once in a life time experience and captivates their imagination. This is one of the best norway beaches.

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