Top 5 Asian Beaches with Panoramic Views

The majority of travelers now prefer best beaches to spend their free time in the natural beauty gifted by God. There was a time when travelers were more interested in exploring the cultural sights, but now beaches have gain same popularity as the other destinations. Whether its college students, or the families, or the newlyweds everyone likes unfolding these nature sights. I have kept the list of Top 5 amazing beaches located in Asia and are worth exploring by all age groups of people.

Best Beaches in Asia


best beaches

Tunku Abdul Rahman Islands in Malaysia:

Kota Kinabalu is well-known for its beaches. Gaya Island Resort is the tranquil paradise living here you can get the stunning views of its natural beauty, plus stunning luxury villas with access to the beautiful beaches. It can be explored by boat, surrounded by the pure golden sands, coral reefs and tropical rainforest of Sabah’s idyllic Tunku Abdul Rahman Islands. It’s a stylish spa retreat for couples offering relaxing luxury.

Best Beaches

Panglao Island in Philippines:

Pangalo Island is one of the loveliest islands. It’s a great place to escape from the crowdie world, but also serves some of the best wildlife spots like Western Tarsier and the most famous Coco Hills. For your stay you can choose Amorita Island. You would be able to capture stunning ocean views, villas with private plunge pools. You can have high chances of considering a hammerhead sharks and black coral forest.

Champasak in Laos:

It’s not completely the best beach, but a river resort in Champasak is an amazing resort secreted amongst a beautiful delta. Over the rivers you can get the sand and sunset views. So, you can count it as one of the secreted beaches. It’s the most relaxing place for all away the crowdies places of Asia. While cycling through the delta, you can explore Wat Phou and Wat Luang. An elephant ride is a highlight in the Bolaven Plateau.

Best beaches

Koh Samet in Thailand:

It’s a true hidden gem just 2 hours away from Bangkok. You can choose Paradee resort which is an intimate and languid barefoot luxury escape for your relaxation time. You can have a chic rustic feel within its stunning villas that are set on a private white sand beach. If you choose villa 104, then you can have your own pool that runs on the sideways of the beach. You can have a cocktail while enjoying the stunning views of the beach without getting too sandy.

Best Beaches

Gambolo Island:

This is one of the Best beaches in the Indonesia. The beach is perfect for those who don’t like trying to many activities and likes enjoying their free time living in the peace & who pleasure themselves with the beauty of the surrounding mountains and leafy islands. The place is mostly visited by the foreigners and the fisherman who generally sail their canoes not far from the shores. The destination is most suitable for the newlyweds.

Summers have started and it’s the best time to stroll through the panoramic views of the beautiful Asia’s beaches.

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