Best Offbeat Destinations to Travel in India


India, country famous as a land with great potential for tourism. It creates an amazing allure for the travelers all across the globe. With its offbeat destinations,beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, vast deserts, colossal hill tops, lush rain forests and dramatic landscapes. It is certainly a land of endless opportunities for explorers and wanderers. They can come here to explore the best of nature. If you fancy unique travel destinations to reconnect with nature.

Here is a list of the India’s best off beat destinations to explore for you


Explore the finest beauty of nature often known as the Switzerland of India, this little hill station in the district of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh has been attracting tourists and travelers all around the globe lately.

• Set in the midst of picturesque Deodar forests, this magnificent hill station is beauty personified. Adding exquisite charm to the place are numerous clumps of reeds, dense green meadows and lush pine and deodar forests that will take your breath away.

• Khajjiar is probably one of the rarest in India with all three eco systems existing together as one. However, experiencing the beauty of forests, lakes and pastures all together. Visiting Khajjiar will be an experience you will never forget.


• Perfect amalgamation of history and architecture Situated in India’s tiger state, Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is a treasure casket of heritage, culture, creative arts and architecture. Various form of arts such as dance and music have been beautifully portrayed on the walls and towers of the mighty temple which dates back to 11th century.

• One of the oldest standing temples in India, it was long built by the finest builders of the proud Chandela Dynasty which was world renowned for its “Nagara” style of building. According to the local tradition, the temple was built to be a hub of tantric recitals and studies along with celebration of eroticism.

• Most of the carved sculptures and engraved pictures show how vital the concept of “Moksha” is and how one can attain it in this life. Perfect example of bold architecture and history. Khajuraho also offers a unique blend of natural beauty and unique local arts for you to explore and enjoy. This is one of the best Offbeat Destinations.

Rann of Kutch:

• Explore your wild side one of the most famous and trending off beat destinations in India. Rann of Kutch offers an experience that will leave you craving for more!. Once an arm of the Arabian Sea, it got seperate from the sea due to geological forces and since then has been a seasonal salt marsh. This is one of the best Offbeat Destinations.

• The vast expansive land of Rann of Kutch will show you nature at its most convincing. Home to some of the world’s most known and rare nature’s glimpse. You can now connect with nature as well as wildlife to get that dose of adrenaline.

The-Manta-Resort-Zanzibar-by-techblogstop.jpg - offbeat destinations

 Pangong Lake:

• A gorgeous lake, location at a whopping altitude of 4350 meters. You will get a reward with a picturesque mix of snow cover mountain ridges and vast clear blue sky that will leave you thinking.

• “Pangong” stands for “extensive concavity”. Hence, lying at a stretch of more than 130 kilometers, it is only 5 kilometers wide. Also, it offers a great scenic view to the travelers and tourists. Famous as a tourist as well as a geologist’s paradise, Pangong Lake is the best of India you can explore. This is one of the best Offbeat Destinations.

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