6 Budget Honeymoon Destinations In Asia Where Each Penny Is Well Spent

Asia is a continent that’s bestowed with diversity in culture and landscapes. And all of that comes in an economical budget, most times. When it comes to budget honeymoon destinations in the world, we’d find most places are actually located in Asia. This place gives the best experiences whether you are traveling on a shoestring budget or are here to splurge. The enchantment of Asia needs no introduction as it is embedded with wonders renowned around the globe.

If you and your better half are looking for the best honeymoon destinations on budget, this post will be your guiding light. The post features countries that are perfect for budget travelers, and as you read you will get to know important tourist information regarding each of it.

1.      India:

When it comes to most beautiful honeymoon destinations on a budget, India is often listed at the top. This stunning country will spoil you with choice, even in a small budget there is so much that awaits. Here, you have stunning cities and some of the most tranquil hideouts rich in biodiversity. There is everything from adventure to history in India which you must explore during your romantic escape.

2.      Thailand:Thailand Phuket

Another country in Asia where every penny spent is justified is Thailand. This spiritually awaken country is a stunner, just amble through its monasteries and temples and you will agree on that. The beaches and islands here are not only picturesque, most of them are turned into a party paradise. But you may still steal your privacy if you choose the itinerary right. You have highlands that will refresh your senses. And let us not even talk about the soul soothing spa therapies that await on a honeymoon in Thailand.

3.      Malaysia:malaysia

Often visited for its beaches and highlands, Malaysia is a full package deal for anyone looking for honeymoon on a budget. While global city like Kuala Lumpur will mesmerize you with its glittering landscape and sightseeing opportunities, the Cameron Highlands will speak with your soul. Don’t forget to add Langkawi in your itinerary if you both are water babies looking for a good time at the beach indulging in various water activities.

4.      Bali:


Bali is actually giving stiff competition to other budget honeymoon destinations in Asia. This volcanic paradise has some of the best beaches in the world, crazy party scenario and temples that will have you travel back to the past. Bali is an economical escape and is a perfect pick, especially if you are looking for an extended romantic vacation.

5.      Cambodia:cambodia

A rather offbeat pick, Cambodia is among the cheapest honeymoon destinations in the world. This has to be a pick for the couples who wish to witness different cultures and histories. Alongside that, Cambodia will also please you with its party and shopping scenario. Angkor Wat Temple Complex is one of the major highlights of the country, which cannot be missed for sure.

6.      Sri Lanka:srilanka

The charming island country, Sri Lanka offers a vast variety of landscape, despite its small size. Often considered a priority for surfers across the world, Sri Lanka also leads as a budget honeymoon destination. The romantic accommodation options here escalate the charm of honeymoon, making it a must visit for couples.

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