Finding Adventure in the Dunes of Thar, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a large state in the northwest of India, popular with travellers and home to several fascinating cities and natural attractions. It is particularly well-known for the scorched expanses of the mighty Thar Desert and the ancient Aravalli Mountain Range. A fantastic place for your next exciting adventure, a Rajasthan travel guide can help make your travel more meaningful, giving you plenty of insights and making sure that you don’t miss any highlights.

Two of the best things to do in Rajasthan are:

Marvelling at the Spectacular Thar Dunes

The Thar Desert, also referred to as the Great Indian Desert, is amongst the world’s 20 biggest deserts. And also has the biggest population relating to its size out of all deserts across the globe. The people of the Thar Desert come from diverse cultures, ethnic groups, and religions. It’s a real multi-cultural and natural gem, though one of its most attractive features is its magnificent ever-changing sand dunes.

Strong winds cause the sand to constantly shift, meaning that the landscape is always evolving. The rippling dunes stretch into the distance like an undulating wave of yellowness, the terrain sometimes dotted with desert scrub. And sometimes with nothing to break the expanse of sand before it meets the blue sky far away in the distance.

Rajasthan Desert

rajasthan-desert - thar

Whilst seeing the incredible dunes is a fantastic experience in itself, fabulous exploits abound if you have a spirit of adventure! Ride a camel through the surging sea of sand, or swap humps for saddles and take a horseback excursion instead. Spend a night sleeping in the silence of the desert, the twinkling stars dotting the dark sky, and bed down in a dune tent. Visit traditional villages and let your Rajasthan Travel Guide help you to interact with the villagers, learning more about their ways of life. Take in even more sweeping vistas and soar above the arid vastness in a hot air balloon for a wonderful bird’s eye view of the area.

Feel the rush as you sand board in the Indus Valley, see the colours of the sky change to those of the desert. As the sun sets and the horizon appears to be somewhat blended, or take a jeep safari through the dunes. Spot an interesting assortment of desert-dwelling creatures, and look up to the skies for some great bird-watching opportunities. Ecotourism is popular, with numerous trips available from the desert city of Jaisalmer in particular.

10 Reasons Why Rajasthan’s Grandeur is Worth Witnessing

Traditional village women

Top tip: don’t visit in the brutally hot summer months! The sand absorbs too much heat to make doing anything comfortable. The winter months are also usually too cold to be enjoyable. The best time of year to visit is between November and February.

Visiting Culturally-Rich Cities Filled with Splendid Architecture

Rajasthan is home to some truly breath-taking cities, resplendent with many fine architectural gems. And places of interest for lovers of history, heritage, and the arts. Your Rajasthan tour guide will explain the significance of various destinations, weaving entrancing tales from the past into the tapestry of the present and breathing life into old and once-powerful sites.

Jodhpur Blue Houses

The state capital of Jaipur tour is recommended, with its stunning and huge Royal Palace complex, historic forts, and beautiful pink tones. Go from shades of pink to wonderful cooling hues of blue in Jodhpur, also known as the Sun City. Wander past the delightful blue homes, explore the ruined remains of the ancient former capital of Mandore. Admire the views and take a journey into the past at Mehrangarh Fort, the largest fort in all of Rajasthan, chill out alongside the serene Kailana Lake, and feel the serenity in a number of sacred temples.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur


Udaipur is another charming destination in the region. A popular place with those seeking romance and honeymooning couples. Udaipur is famous for its many dazzling lakes, verdant gardens, and regal palaces. Highlights include the Udaipur City Palace complex, Pichola Lake, Badi Lake, Nehru Garden, and Udaipur Solar Observatory.

Sunset Lake Boats, Udaipur

Treat your sweet tooth and get a sugar rush in Bikaner, famous for its tasty sweets, pay a trip to Ajmer. A sacred pilgrimage spot for both Hindus and Muslims, and see the imposing and massive fortress complex at Chittorgarh.

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Nature lovers will find plenty of attractions to keep them captivated, including Ranthambor National Park and Sariska Reserve and National Park, which are especially known for their tigers, and the diverse and important Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary with its plentiful feathered creatures. To enjoy cooler temperatures, head to Mount Abu. The state’s only hill station, where you can enjoy excellent trekking, see beautiful temples, drift about on the lake, and soak up some picturesque views.

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