Global Trends in Medical Tourism

Several foreign patients are travelling across the borders to visit India for their healthcare. With the country excelling so well in the field, we researched and found out why India is one of the top destinations for medical tourism.

India along with Malaysia, Israel, Singapore, Mexico, United States , Thailand, South Korea and few other countries stand in the top destination lists. The global trend in the medical tourism sector is to give high-quality service at the lowest prices.

Why India is the top choice?

A variety of factors matter when it comes to becoming the world-class healthcare destination. Here are a few: –
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  • Private sector in India has majorly invested in the healthcare infrastructure. Many well-known and big hospitals in the country have incredible rooms for patients which are well-equipped.
  • Medical travel in India is flexible as you can easily get medical visa and also stay at good hotels when you are here. You will get accommodation help from companies that handle foreign patients for medical tourism.
  • India is committed towards providing quality assurance, good outcomes, successful surgeries, low-priced treatments and incredible aftercare.
  • The increase of international patients has made India a popular destination for medical care. Anyone would research online before picking a destination and since India has had countless successful stories, many patients are travelling from far away for their surgeries.
  • India has adopted the best technology and practices of medical care in the past few years. This is also a prime reason why India is so trusted with healthcare.
  • Availability of trained and experienced staff at all times is a strong point in the country. You can get nurses on demand for the entire day to provide you with medicines and take care of you during urgent times.
  • Lastly, cost saving on major surgeries! Yes, India offers low-priced treatments with high-quality methods. The blend of two work wonders for patients and thus give out great results.

Top reasons and specialties patients travel to India for?

Foreign patients opt for medical tour India for several special surgeries like: –

1. Cosmetic surgery – This one tops the list as India has increased their laser and cosmetic technology systems.
2. Dentistry – Regular check-ups and general tooth reconstruction can be quite expensive overseas. But India offers the best prices and finest results.
3. Cardiovascular, Orthopedics surgeries – Angioplasty, joint and spine pain, knee joint operations are popular in the country.
4. Cancer treatments – Not many can afford expensive cancer treatments in countries like USA and the UK. India has stepped up their game and is providing amazing cancer treatment plus surgeries. Many international and local patients have seen positive results post treatment.
5. Weight loss, laser hair removals, skin whitening and much more

How much will I save?

Researches have shown that if patients travel to India for their surgeries or any other medical aid, they can save a big amount. An estimate of 75% to 85% on every surgery and post care was noted as the total savings.

There is no reason why patients should not travel to India for healthcare. The country is doing a great job in providing patients every service in their reach.

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