World Heritage Site of UNESCO: Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka Bhopal

Bhopal has been the heart of Madhya Pradesh, which in turn is the heart of India. Bhopal is known to be the city of lakes and is being counted as one of the greenest cities of India. It has many beautiful sites to visit. One of them being the famous world heritage site of UNESCO, that is, Rock Shelters at Bhimbetka.

The Rock shelters of Bhimbetka are located only at a distance of 45 Km from Bhopal towards the southeast on the road to Hoshangabad. The site is located in an area of 3 km with more than 700 rock shelters of which 400 are painted rock shelters.

The story behind Bhimbetka Rock shelters

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Bhimbetka rock shelters are a quite famous tourist destination in Bhopal. It is a pro tip that before visiting the place, you should do some research and find out more about the place and have some information beforehand while enjoying some luxurious time in Bhopal hotel. As mentioned earlier, this world heritage site is located on the road to Hoshangabad.

The caves date back to the times when humankind was still through evolution, that is, the primary times. The humans draw through the caves and several drawings still exist. Which were drawn through different tools like blades, hand axes, cleavers, hand tools, etc. Tourists often resemble this place with that of Sallekhana spots located in South India.

Relations with Maurya dynasty

After gradual development and evolution, the inscriptions of Maurya and Sunga period were also observed. Also with various caves, the site has small stupas and various other sculptures near Moranwali, Bineka, and Lakha Juar. Some other inscriptions can also be noted while on the way to Lakha Juar and Bhimbetka. On more exploration, one can also notice several stupa walls and structures with many ShankhaLipi verses. And drawings inscribed on the rock shelters of Bhimbetka.

The main item that steals the limelight at Bhimbetka rock shelter is the rock painting. Other sites to be observed in here are Auditorium rock shelter, Boar rock and Zoo rock in the clusters of rock. They say the Auditorium rock was developed through various depressions, which date back to one lakh years. This ends with a tunnel where paintings of deer, tigers, peacocks and hunters are present. Further ahead on the same site is the popular Zoo rock shelter. Where dark inscriptions are present, that is, paintings of animals like elephants, boars, rhinoceros, spotted deer, barasingha, snakes, cattle, etc. The last but not the least, the Boar rock shelter is accessible for tourists to explore. With inscriptions and paintings of a mythical boar with horns. That was so large that it depicted the chase between human and the giant.

The Boar Rock, which is the last among the rock shelters accessible for tourist. It has a depiction of a mythical boar with horns that is many more times larger than the human being chased by it.

So, next time when visiting Bhopal and enjoying your stay at luxurious hotels Bhopal, do not forget to check this famous world heritage site by UNESCO.

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