Ao Prao

The only among the beaches of thailand on the west coast of Samet is a genuine beauty. The beach is about 200 meters stretched and very lovely. Since the numbers of tourists are still finite, Ao Prao is a actual world class targeted travel area. Best, if relaxation as well as recreation is an imperative factor throughout your holiday. This beach is an appropriate candidate if you want an idea how the local peoples lead their daily lives. There are also a number of hotels small restaurants along the beaches of thailand, which offers fresh fish as well as seafood. Tourists come here to take pleasure in doing various types of water game. Such water sports are truly awesome and audacious.

The sunset seen from Ao Prao is, on crystal clear night time. Remembrances that possibly will long lasting memory for a lifetime. The Best time to visit is from October – May. To get there just follow the signs to Ao Prao in the South of Koh Kood until you reach t-section. Going left, the tangible road leads to Ao Yai Fishing Village with Ao Yai Viewpoint along the way. Turning right and following the signs for Ao Prao is a partially paved road of about 5 minutes by motorbike that leads to Ao Prao Beach.

 There are huge numbers of travel companies from all over the world who offer attractive holiday packages at affordable costs.

Ao Sri Thanu

Ao Sri Thanu beach gifting unparallel seaside escape is situated on the west coast between the beautiful Haad Chao Phao and the Hin Kong beach. The most beautiful fishing village named Baan Srithanu maintains most of its magnetism and presents you an option to observe what the island was formerly, before becoming a large travel destination.

Sri Thanu has a lot of interesting places worth your visit, including Laem Son Lake. The village is a little and quiet settlement with a tiny fishing port filled with squid fishing boats. Compared to other more developed areas of the island features the true Thai life. Also, it has a good quality shops, as well as restaurants, bars and other services.

The beach is surrounded by both sides Laem Son tip and Laem Srithanu cape. From the main road the beach is alienated by a slim rivulet which fed the nearby Laem Son Lake in the Northern end of Srithanu and flows into the sea near the southern end of the beach where the pretty fishing port filled with a lot of fishing boats. Large beach covered with white sand and largely devoid of vegetation to conceal from the scorching rays of the sun. The middle part of the beach is large enough to open the island championship in football or volleyball.

Ao Sri Thanu area has a high-quality range of lodging arrangement with beachfront bungalows and budget resorts. You will have no trouble finding a taxi in Thong Sala to take you to Ao Sri Thanu beach. Otherwise taxi fare should be 150 baht/per one way. Around Srithanu you also can rent a motorbike or car.

Ao Suan Yai beach

Its location is on the North and Western coast. It is a lengthy stretch of unspoiled colorless grind sand and striking clear blue waters. A timber dock is seated at the middle, the main point of arrival and departure for nice Panan Speedboats. These boats are coming from the mainland designation. Bang Bao speedboat or its slower wooden boat coming from Koh Chang. There are mainly four resorts, which are the beautiful Koh Maak Resort and the beautiful Seavana Resort, and these resorts extend along the southern part of the beach, the much minor Suchanaree. The oldest house whose location is on the island which is a wooden two storey building , built by the family of Luang Prompakdee in the year of 1911, whose offspring still own much of the island today.

Ao-Suan Yai-At the far end, it is probable to pick up a signed track that takes you inland through the coconut trees. Here after some hunting around. You can stagger out at the Beach which is the attractive beach made of  (Ao Tao Kai). It is also a little abandoned beach at the very north part of the island, very well value the attempt.

For the time being, the island can be visited for a fee of 100bt. There is a small shack selling drinks. Best time to visit there October to March.

Ao Tan beach

After visiting all of the beaches that could be found along the Trat coastline, it was a huge surprise and enjoyment to find this little known beach at Ao Tan Khu. The beach at Ao Tan Khu is one of the most pleasant beaches in Trat and has beautiful golden sand – so supple underfoot – and the cleanest a well as clearest sea that could be wished for.

The short beach road around 500 meters maximum if you wanted it stretched the length of the well shaded beach area. Coconut and palms provide this beach a real tropical sense. Many of the coconut palms were angled out to sea. Making them even more appealing side by side inviting. Allowing for some holiday brochure type photos.

Little happens at the beach, other than eating and relaxing ‘neath the shade of the sitting pagodas provided by the beach restaurants.

The north end of the beach is fringed with trees overhanging the water, with conveniently provided swings. There is also restaurant at this end and the ‘playground’ atmosphere keeps Thais – particularly those on family outing – in that area.

The beach is not without its travelling food vendors. So there is plenty to go at as far as food is concerned. Of course, nothing much to do on the beach if that’s the way you like it. Otherwise you can take one of the swings or have a romp on the narrow strip of golden sand. You can visit the place in between October to March and cost of expenditure will be medium.

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