Places in Munnar which are worth a visit

Nestling at the Western Ghats at an average height of 1500 meters above sea level, one of the most famous hill stations in India is Munnar in Kerala. The hill station, in Southern India, enjoys a pleasant and favourable climate. All through the year and is popular for its tea plantations and lush green hills. Being situated in the Western Ghats, it is also home to many protected areas that house few of the most endangered and rare species of flora and fauna. Below are listed the best Munnar Places you can visit.

Munnar places

Atukkad Waterfalls

Situated on the road to Pallivasal in the middle of dense vegetation. Atukkad Waterfall forms the primary tourist attraction here in Munnar. Talking of its water, it is cold and also known as a good trekking hotspot in Kerala. The secluded and romantic cascades are visited by tourists throughout the year. Given the romantic angle, honeymoon packages for Munnar are very common. This is one of the best Munnar places.

Muniyara Dolmens

The Muniyara dolmens, belonging to the Neolithic period. And situated in a village named Marayur and easily can be accessed by a car or a local taxi. These Neolithic burial chambers, known for being famous archaeological site of the state, are frequented by many tourists. You also can experience some great vistas of the mountains clad in lush green vegetation.

Echo Point

Home of the very rare flower called Kurunji, the Echo point is so named after popular enchanting echo phenomenon which occurs in many hill stations. The spot is featured by a picturesque lake located beside a big hillock. The Point is a famous place with the young visitors and also a great picnic spot for photography and camping. This is one of the best Munnar places.

Eravikulam (Rajamalai) National Park

The strictly safeguarded forest is situated at an average heightof 3000 meters above the sea level. And also is a home to many rare and endemic species of flora, fauna, avifauna and reptiles totalling at a whopping 950 species. Rajmalai or The Eravikulam National Park houses endangered and rare species such as Tiger, NilgiriTahr, leopard, Gaur, sambar deer, Indian bear, Golden Jackal, dhole, wild dog and Jungle Cat.

Mattupetty Dam

Made to preserve water to get hydroelectricity, the Mattupetty Dam has been counted as one of the famous picnic spots here. The dam can be found on the Mattupetty Lake that houses several species of animals and birds due to the yearly supply of water through dam’s reservoir. Moreover, The tourist can enjoy an evening stroll by the lake or go boating in the morning. Honeymoon packages in Munnar are organized keeping in mind that several couples find it to be a romantic destination.


Known for its lush green tea plantations, it is characterized by cottages, old bungalows and playgrounds. However,  Situated at a brief distance of 12kilometres from Munnar, it is visited by many tourists.

So if you are planning a visit to Munnar any time soon. Take a note of the above places and do not forget to visit them at any cost!

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