Historic places you must visit in Jaipur!!!

If you want to see what the history of India looked like decades ago, Jaipur is a great place to visit. The city has maintained its authenticity, and you will truly feel like you are in vintage India when roaming around certain locations. On that note, we bring to you a list of Jaipur Historical Places you cannot miss –

Amber Fort

Well-known as the Amer Fort, this gorgeous place is 11 km away from the main city of Jaipur. It was built in the 1592 by Raja Man Singh and was later expanded. The marble stones and red sandstones used for the construction show the Muslim and Hindu touch of architecture. There are 4 entrances in this fort, but the one of the east is the main entrance. You will also see courtyards in this Palace, which are called the Diwan-i-Aam. You can ride elephants here even though the ride is just of 10 minutes. This place is a paradise for those who love history and photography.

Nahargarh Fort

Yet another fort that hold historic importance in Jaipur is the Nahargarh Fort, which is also called the Tiger fort. You can see the main city from the Aravali Hills as this fort is based there. It was made in 1734 and only got recognised in 2006 when the movie Rang De Basanti was shot here. If you have seen the movie, you have seen a glimpse of this gorgeous place. You can see one of the best sunsets from this fort, and there is also a nice café near the fort which serves beer, snacks and food till night time. The fort looks mesmerizing when it is lit up in the night time. The place is open from 10 am. If you are staying at hotel heritage in Jaipur, you can easily take a taxi and reach this fort. This is one of the famous Jaipur Historical Places.

Jaipur historical placesJaigarh Fort

This massive place was made in the 1726 and military lovers will enjoy being here. You will see watchtowers, towering gateways and the globe’s largest cannon on wheels here. The cannon has never used, but it has been preserved since decades. You will see some of the finest military arms and structures from the olden days of India. If you want to see a view of the plains, you should climb Diwa Burj watch tower in the fort for a spectacular view.  This is one of the famous Jaipur Historical Places.

Government Central Museum

Also known as the Albert Hall Museum, this is the oldest museum in the city. It has collections of several wood carvings, arts, crafts, paintings of local rulers, customers and much more. You are not allowed to photograph anything here so be cautious about that.

City Palaces –

The city is packed with palaces and you shouldn’t miss it. You can reside at the resort heritage in Jaipur to enjoy a lavish palace like stay on your trip, but other than that, do check out the Hawa Mahal and City Palace.  This is one of the famous Jaipur Historical Places.

Note down these 5 incredible historic sites in Jaipur and head to the city right away!

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