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Wherever you go,go with all your heart and USA has it all.The land of liberty is the dream destination. From the charm of New York to the casino lovers of Vegas,from the b of the modern city of Atlanta.

USA has it all..


In Washington DC the office of the president of USA. Built in 1792 but this building never fails to grab attention all around the world. Tourists are only allowed in groups of 10 because of security purposes. The extravagance of this building is not just majestic but a solid cemented body for the hopes of the nation. The interior of this building will take you back to the historic times.


The hidden beauty peacefully resting in the interiors of Alaska. Mount Mckinley the highest mountain in north America has it’s roots here. The flora and the fauna,the breeze,the sparkling water is the best place to save yourself from the scorching heat. It’s the habitat for thousands of wildlife especially the bears.


The city that never sleeps. The gambling zone where people come to test their fortunes. Giant mega casino hotels decorated lavishly. This is done to create a fantasy like atmosphere. Tourists say this is the best place to be from the tall sky scrapers to the enchanting night life. This city functions when the world sleeps. Day in and out the world around here is buzzing with melancholic nature.


USA never fails to impress us. This is the most active volcano in the world. It’s a very low flat shield volcano with always the magnum running. 33 eruptions have taken and the major one had started in 1983 and is still ongoing. The lava has carved the beauty of this place. People come to see the meeting of fire and water.


The famous suspension bridge which was an international success. Completed in 1937 and has been the symbol of San Fransisco and California. This hanging bridge was painted in this fashion so that it could be visible beyond the fog.

Yellow stone-world’s first national park set in 1872 to protect geysers,thermal areas. Wildlife has found it’s habitat. The setting of this place is foggy because of the vapors. It has more than 12,000 hot springs and geysers.


The beauty resides here craved by the Colorado river.It’s overwhelming size and a colorful landscape offers a unmatched beauty. This red brown zone is natural specimen which is stretched for miles.


The summer waves and the night life comes in a package to enchant the world. This glamorous beach showcases latin culture.


The city that is buzzing with activities. This city is made up of five boroughs which include Brooklyn,Manhattan,Owens,Islands and the Bronx. The skyscrapers captures the eyes with it’s magnificent charm. The best beauty of this place is the statue of liberty which was a gift from France. Visitors climb to take the views of Brooklyn and Gustave. Then comes the central park,the relaxing zone where people come to forget their daily worries and get relieved. This city also has places like the E mpire building and the Times square.


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