Popular temples to visit in Ranikhet!

The cantonment town is maintained mostly by the Indian Army and some incredible sites you cannot miss. The hill town is popularly called the Queen’s meadow because that is what Ranikhet literally means. This was the residence of a local legend called Queen Padmini which is why the hill station got this name. The climate is mostly pleasant because of the high altitude, and if you are lucky, you can see snowfall here during winter too. Besides all this, there are incredible religious spots in Ranikhet. If you love visiting temples, here are some popular Ranikhet temples to visit –

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Jhula Devi Temple

This is one of the most popular temples in Ranikhet. It is said to be constructed 700 years ago. The complex around the temple was made in the year 1953 and is devoted to Goddess Durga. The area is home to Leopards and Tigers who are said not to attack visitors due to the fact that Goddess Durga’s influence is on this place. If you live in any hotels in Ranikhet city, you can reach the temple in 10 to 30 minutes as it is 7 km away.

Mankameshawar Temple

This temple is made and taken care of by the Indian Army. There is a rich amount of flora near the temple and the lush greens surrounding it look marvellous. There are many tourists who visit just to see the flowers. Besides being an incredible temple, you can also find some of the best shawls around the area.

Haidakhan Babaji Temple

Devoted to the spiritual leader who preached and lived on the mount region of the state, this special temple is made for him. There are 9 temples here out of which one is built by HaidakhanBabaji. There is also an ashram present inside the temple which is quite beautiful and helps a lot of people. You can see incredible views of Ranikhet from the mountains. So don’t forget to take your camera along when visiting this temple. This is one of the famous Ranikhet temples

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BinsarMahadev Temple

Just about 15 km away from the main city of Ranikhet, this is a popular temple made for Lord Shiva. In addition,  There is a startling stream which flows near the temple and the BinsarMahadev temple is close to the cedar forest. It is basically surrounded by the forest which looks stunning!

Sun Temple

The Sun temple is said to be around 800 years old. It is bordered by 44 tiny shrines, and this temple is popularly known for the exquisite work of architecture and incredible carvings on the walls. If you are staying at a hotel in Ranikhet in the central area, you can get to this place in 30 to 45 minutes as it is about 25 km away from the town. This is one of the famous Ranikhet temples.

Ranikhet might not be a large hill station, but it has so much to offer. In addition,  You will be stunned to see all these gorgeous temples and how they are maintained. If you aren’t religious, you must go to the temples just to admire the architectural works.

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