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Smart Tips for First Time Traveler In India

Some tips before travelling for the first time may come in handy in any here are few of the smart tips one should double check there luggage and other things before leaving from home.

Reserve Your Room Before you Reach Your Destination 

Make prior reservation always before you hit different cities in India. By this you can assured a proper accommodation according your need or else you will end up paying more for whatever is available. Hotel staff can sense traveler’s desperation and usually take benefits of it to charge you as much as they can. So take benefit of this time of modern communication, phones and internet and reserve your room before you reach.

Be Careful to Confirm Train Name and Number before Business Travel

Usually you cannot travel without reservation. Foreign tourists are given prior treatment. Even they can have seats within same day. When you make reservation, ensure the number of the train not just its name because there are many trains with same names that can take you to different directions and cities. So its number is important.

Be Careful With Money

Credit cards are usually not applicable in most of India. Don’t expect to use it anywhere. Play smart, don’t pull large amount of money when paying petty bills. Keep amount of cash separate in small bills to deal in several situation where you only have to pay few bucks. Carrying fractional money will save you lot of aggravation and may help you to keep yourself safe! Keep yourself in low profile and don’t flash wads of currency bills.

Avoid Wearing Real Jewelry

Do not flash your diamond ring everywhere. Sometimes it is better to turn off the diamond side back to avoid being much conspicuous. People in India usually avoid wearing real jewelry in public places to avoid the chances of thefts and grabbing.

Auto Rickshaw and Taxi

Although most of them are honest but chances of scamming are there. Knowing that you are foreigner and unaware of routes they can cheat on you. They even don’t leave local living there and take advantages of their desperation. Sometimes they take longer routes to charge more. This way you lose your money as well as time. They usually do this by asking the passenger which way he should go! So normally get off as soon as you find any other alternative transport or simply wait till you find any policeman and ask driver to stop there.

Although India isn’t any dangerous destination, however being foreigner you must be careful and common sense is to hire a travel and tour firm for hotel reservation and transportation to avoid any mishaps.

Slow down

To get the best from your trip, focus on fewer places instead of to see many places. Seeing one site slowly is more rewarding as compared to see loads of places, but not giving time to enjoy them completely. Spend few days in a single place so you will be less stressed, have more time to get aware to the people there and gain deeper understanding of that place

Escape the crowds

With more then billion of people, most if not all the part of India are crowded. Bustle and Mayhem is fun, especially if there is some festivity in the town, however it is easy to reach saturation. Luckily, there are ample of quiet retreats in India, therefore plan a relaxing escapes through your journey. Keep your batteries charged; spend few days or weeks even in a same city, followed by some days or weeks in a small town or country side. For inner peace, go to south to backwaters and Kerala for beaches, or northern captivating hill stations and Tibetan valley of Himalaya in Sikkim, Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh.

Try To Stay healthy

No one likes to be ill, so avoid dodgy tum like avoid tap water and clear all food which may have been washed in it. Avoid ice cream, ice, fruits and salads that are already peeled off. Acclimatize your stomach for few days before you launch into street food feast.  And perform a mental assessment before buying street food. Are food cooked freshly or its prepared a day long. Check if the stall is not Tourist Attraction flies but customers.

It’s not bad idea to become vegan because dodgy bit of meat can harm a lot. Additionally as Indians are mostly vegetarian so you can get plenty of veggie deals to eat. However avoid raw salads and fruit cocktails because they might cause you food poison. Limit yourself to certain restaurants and stalls to make sure you know what you are ingesting.

Keep Your Wit About You! Beware of Scams and Touts

Along with beauty and wonder, India is also known for scams and touts. Try ways to reduce chances of being cheated and overcharges.  However you may encounter few scammers on the trip, therefor better keep your wits within and select deals that sounds too good to be real. Beware of rickshaw and taxi drivers who persuade you to pick specific shops, hotels and travel agencies, because their commission will be added on your bill.

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