Things to do in Salt Lake

Salt lake is the city located in Utah. This is the capital as well as most populous city. As a result of its proximity of great Salt Lake, the name of the city was derived by 17th Utah Territorial Legislature. This city is considered was considered as holy city from historical point of view and is also known as “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”.  The best things to  do in this city are:

Hoogle Zoo

The very first thing that you can do in salt Lake is to explore Hoogle Zoo. This zoo is a home to various animals from diverse eco systems. In this zoo, you can have a look at some famous animals like Princess Alice, Shasta, Gorgeous, Dari, Daphne and many more.

Next to this, you can visit Red Butte Garden and Arboretum. This is a botanical garden and also has the facility of hiking trails that are in northern side of park. One can also call this garden as museum of living plants as it has various collections of conifers, grasses, roses and daffodils.

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Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium is an outstanding place to visit. Here, you may find many things related to new technology of space. Some such collections include Science on a sphere, Newton’s daydream, Foucault pendulum, Earth globe, Meteorites, Telescope displays and updating video from NASA. You will also get chance to check out authentic moon rock sample got from NASA.

Sugar House Park

Sugar House Park is also the place where you can visit. Before 1951, this park was the first state prisoner of Utah. This park has 10 pavilions for public use, popular sledding hills, two playgrounds, road for cycling, jogging, basketball field, picnic tables, basketball court and a scenic pond with fountains.

Seven Peaks Waterpark

To thrill your senses, you must visit Seven Peaks Waterpark Salt Lake City. There are many attractions that provoke tourists to come here. Some such attractions are tidal beach, Amazon River, thunder gorge, cliffhanger, lightening falls, jungle drift, down pour, torrential and many more.

Thomas Kearns Mansion and Carriage House

Thomas Kearns Mansion and Carriage House is another must visit place in Salt Lake. This is the official residence of Governor of Utah. This beautiful mansion was built by using best materials and by best artisans. Here, people can also enjoy music of live orchestras and can dance.

Wasatch Mountain Range

Another thing to do in Salt Lake is Skiing. You can enjoy this adventure in amazing beauty and incredible terrain of Wasatch Mountain Range. This adventure will include walking, hiking, traversing and skiing. In addition, if you are fond of snowboarding, you are not permitted to do it in this place. For this, you can also enjoy private tours that will offer you the facility of custom route, two ski Utah guides and lunch. You can also do hiking on some mountains located near rivers like Red Pine Lake, Silver Lake, White pine Lake, Forest Lake, Lake Blanche, Oowah Lake, Deer Creek Lake and some others.

Therefore, you can enjoy all these activities and Mother Nature in mesmerizing beauty of Salt Lake City.


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