Things to Do in Livigno, Italy

There are a wide variety of things to do in Livigno, Italy, no matter what season you plan to visit.  A vacation in the Alps will always include some experience of the mountain environment. And most visitors will choose to spend their time looking for a new adventure. Or simply relaxing under the clear skies and enjoying breathtaking views.  Livigno is perfect for families or couples that like to have a diverse selection of activities to choose from.

Here are a few of the many options available in Livigno depending on the season.


Skiing One of the best things to do in Livigno is enjoying the world class alpine skiing at the resort.  Livigno is renowned in Europe for its ski areas that span both sides of the valley, and contain some of the best high altitude slopes in the Alps.  With stable snowpack and a wide selection of terrain, any ability skier will find what they are looking for at this modern ski resort.  There are also trails for cross-country skiing along the valley that invite you to try this original form of ski transport.


Snowboarding In addition to skiing, Livigno has four terrain parks specially constructed for snowboarders and freestyle skiers.  The many events and challenges are guaranteed to keep snowboarders occupied while they practice their skills. Telemark Skiing and La Skieda – Free Heel Fest Visitors with a passion for telemark skiing will appreciate this festival that celebrates the sport.  Those in attendance can enjoy contests, excursions, films and many other activities that explore the origins and culture of telemark skiing.

Duty Free Shopping

No trip to Livigno is complete without taking advantage of the duty free shopping and many available bargains in luxury goods.  The selection includes perfumes, electronics, spirits and local wines, all priced to attract the most astute shopper.  There are many visitors who come to Livigno solely for the tax-free shopping, and there are many shops and goods to choose from. Snowmobile Tours If you are looking for an activity as an alternative to a day of skiing, you might consider a snowmobile tour of the valley’s open spaces.  This is a fun excursion for anyone who enjoys a little excitement and adventure on a high-speed snow machine, and is suitable for the entire family.

Dogsled tours

Dogsled Tours There are dogsled rides available near Livigno that can introduce you to this unique mode of winter travel.  It is a slow paced journey that allows you to enjoy the winter scenery and appreciate the dedication and strength of the Husky dog team.

Après Ski and Dining

No mountain vacation is complete without your favorite beverage after a day of skiing, followed by a delicious meal.  Livigno has over 50 restaurant choices and numerous bars and cafes.  They can meet your expectations for affordable social and dining experiences.  Of course, you will find the world famous Italian cuisine in addition to many other international choices.  Guests at Charme Hotel Alexander will want to try the Charming Restaurant right in the hotel, with its bar and bistro and daily selections of fresh cuisine and superb patisserie.

Trekking and Hiking

Trekking and Hiking For those who are looking for things to do in Livigno Italy ski resort in summer, the Alps are awaiting with opportunities to explore the valleys, mountains and rivers.  All you need are a pair of sturdy shoes, and you will find yourself surrounded by the high alpine environment, whether for an hour or a trek of several days. Mountain Biking Mountain biking has emerged as a popular summer sport in the mountains of Europe and Livigno has many trails and tracks for all abilities.  There are also longer tours available that take advantage of the Italian hut system for overnight stays.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding If you are having interest in learning to horseback ride there are lessons available. As well as excursions into the heart of the mountains.  Even beginners can enjoy this summer activity as the horses are having training for all types of riders.  The Red Bernina Train is available to take visitors on a spectacular tour of the Alps .This goes along the highest transversal in Europe.  The route connects Italy with Switzerland, over the Bernina pass and ending in St. Moritz.  This allows visitors of any age to enter the mountain environment and appreciate its beauty in a personal way.

The best time to visit Italy

The best time to visit Italy is from April to June and mid-September to October. During these months the temperature is better and comfortable and the crowd is not much. So it is cool to visit in these months. In the month of May and June, the hotel prices are highest in Rome and Florence. In most of the places august is too hot and not comfortable.

The duration of October to Easter most of the hotels in tourist places are close for renovation and decoration.  The weather is warm in Italy in summer. In the south it is very hot. The higher temperatures begin in the month of May and may last until the month of October.

A biting wind whistles over the mountain regions of Milan Venice and Turin. In the south region and Rome, the weather is warm throughout the year and is average in winter. October and November are the rainiest months.

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