Top 10 Idyllic Places Near Delhi Which Will Make You Fall In Love With Monsoons

Who doesn’t love monsoons? The smell of the earth when it gets wet by the rain and the calming sound of the shower is a blissful experience for a pluviophile. Everywhere around you, you see hundred different hues of green. All this beauty makes you want to take a road trip.

Feel yourself blessed if you are living in Delhi for there are so many idyllic places to visit near Delhi in monsoon. Even if someone doesn’t like rain, these destinations will make them fall in love with the monsoons.

Here are the top 10 destinations around Delhi where you can enjoy the charm of monsoon season:

  1. Agra:


If there is any time the charm and pulchritude of Taj Mahal is at its highest peak, it is in monsoons. The verdant surrounding and dark grey sky provide a perfect contrast to the white marble structure. The ‘epitome of love’ is the perfect place to rush to with your spouse for a romantic drive in monsoons.

  1. Neemrana Fort:

Neemrana Fort

Neemrana Fort is your exquisite getaway near Delhi during the monsoons. The antique architecture of the Rajputana palace looks even more pristine in the rains. The flora and fauna in the surroundings simply add to the charm. Enjoy the experience of ziplining or a royal drive in the vintage cars while you are at Neemrana Fort.

  1. Jim Corbett National Park:

Jim Corbett National Park

Summer may not be the good time to visit this natural retreat but thank god for monsoons. The washed-up forests of the park look more pristine than ever and profusely abundant with flora and fauna. The peaceful surroundings of the beautiful resort at Jim Corbett are perfect for a quick getaway.

  1. Morni Hills:

Located 45 km from Chandigarh, the spellbinding beauty of Morni Hills will leave you breathless. The only hill station in Haryana is bestowed with peaceful lush green surrounding and an enchanting lake. Enjoy skipping stones in the lake or have a picnic lunch by the lake soaking in the monsoon beauty of the region.

  1. Mandawa:

Not only an ideal monsoon getaway but also an offbeat travel destination in Rajasthan, Mandawa is known for its colorfully adorned havelis and paintings. Mandawa is entitled as an ‘Open Air Art Gallery’ because of the imposing piece of art these traditionally styled havelis are. A photo walk around the place will inspire you to click ravishing photos on your DSLR.

  1. Kasauli:

The charm and pulchritude of this small hill station near Chandigarh increase manifold during the monsoons. The serenity and greenery of the dense forests will calm your senses and rejuvenate your soul. It is one of the most relaxing places near Delhi for a quick getaway. Enjoy sipping wine made from the local fruit orchards on the rainy days.

  1. Mussoorie:

Why Ruskin Bond has been able to right so many stories about Mussoorie is the beauty of this place is fascinating. It becomes even more compelling during the monsoons. The misty clouds hovering over the mountains coupled with plush flora is a sight to behold. Even the Kempty Falls looks ravishing in their full glory in the rainy season.

  1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary:

A lush green abode to thousands of bird species, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers. If you are someone who finds chirping of birds’ music to ears, then check yourself in the resort nearby sanctuary. There is even a temple where you can spot rare turtles. The wildlife region reflects different hues of green in the monsoons. Take out your bikes and set out on the verdant trails to explore the woods.

  1. Parwanoo:

Parwanoo is a beautiful small hilly town located in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. The scenic mountains and their verdant greenery in the monsoons will win your heart in no time. Hop on the cable ride to enjoy the panoramic views of the whole valley which looks spectacular after its washed down with the rain. It is a great weekend destination from Delhi and Chandigarh.

  1. Lansdowne:

Known for its quaint surroundings and colonial charm, Lansdowne is a perfect weekend getaway to relax and unwind. The place looks even more spectacular when the monsoon shower washes it down. The surroundings become breathtakingly gorgeous and weather is so pleasant you would not want to head back to the plains.

If you only associate monsoons with waterlogged roads and incessant jams, the appeal and magnetism of these places will make you change your perception. Make your road trip an awesome experience with these places to visit near Delhi in monsoon.

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