Top 8 Winter Honeymoon Destinations In Asia Which Have Everything You Seek

Top 8 Winter Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

Asia is a stunning continent with countries that flaunt a diverse culture and even topography within its own boundaries. There will be something different in every hundred steps you’ll take when you’re in Asia. Most of the countries in Asia are easy on pocket and are blessed with tranquility, making it a lovely pick for honeymooners across the globe. Since, this is a huge continent, you will indeed have your mind boggled with all the choices you have. If you’re going for a honeymoon in the winter months, here are eight top winter honeymoon destinations in Asia which you must consider for an unforgettable honeymoon!


Right from embellished monasteries and Buddhist temples to maddening parties through the nights in white sand beaches, Thailand is everything you can ever wish for. You can be adventure-seekers, peace-lovers, wildlife-enthusiasts, or party animals, there is never a dearth of options in Thailand for couples with different travel styles.

Winter is the best season for visiting Thailand, as the pleasant weather allows couples to indulge in various beach activities and enjoy sightseeing with ease.

Things to do: Water activities, nightlife, temple hopping, shopping, indulging spa session, jungle safari, elephant safari, and food walk


Captivating with its ancient temples and stunning seashore, Cambodia is the place to be for the couples who prefer going the offbeat way. As you two will tour, there will be many legends and stories to inspire you. Even though Angkor Wat is one of world’s most photographed landmarks, and there are many tourists who visit this destination through the year, Cambodia still is the place where honeymooners find peace and a heavy doze of beaut!

Things to do: Temple hopping, culture shows, indulging spa sessions, beach hopping, heritage tours

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tourism has always pulled a huge number of tourists, specifically honeymooners, by flaunting its picturesque rail journeys and its verdant rainforests. Winter is the time when this island country experiences the best of climatic conditions. The best part is you can enjoy lazy time at the beaches and scale mountains even if you are planning a short trip in Sri Lanka.

Things to do: Game viewing, elephant safaris, spa sessions, trekking, water activities, tea plantation visits, cruise tours, whale watching and train rides


Bali, the Island of God, in Indonesia is often top choice for honeymooners. This economical yet fascinating destination is blessed with pleasant weather through the year, but winter is the best time to explore this paradise. Whether you both are beach bums, or want to tour the ancient temples, Bali is the place for you two!

Things to do: Beach hopping, temple hopping, water activities, nightlife, spa sessions, shopping, trekking, heritage tours and wildlife tours


When we talk about the top honeymoon destinations in the world, Maldives is always in the list! With crystal clear turquoise water surrounding the white sand beaches, this place is your dream turned into reality. Not just a glimpse, each of your moments in Maldives is made dreamy with selective luxury resorts that dot the island. Whether you’d want to unwind amidst the tropical landscape or want to explore the marine life there is never a time you’ll feel you’ve had enough of this place.

Things to do: Snorkeling, scuba, beach hopping, and catamaran tours


Vietnam is yet another offbeat destination for the couples who want a twist in their honeymoon. This place is often covered along with other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Cambodia. Mostly, Vietnam is visited by offbeat backpacking travelers, which only comes as a brownie point for honeymooners seeking a tranquil experience.

Things to do: Kayaking, beach hopping, dolphin spotting, musical extravaganza at Saigon Opera House, nightlife in  Ho Chi Minh City, and hiking tour in Mai Chau


Dubai, one of the world’s most developed cities in the world, spells class and stands as an inspiration with its futuristic infrastructure. This is the Jewel of Emirates, where you can have the best of shopping and beach experiences. There is many entertainment options to look forward too! This otherwise hot place experiences pleasant weather in Winter. Also, during the month of January Dubai hosts International Shopping Festival, which is yet another excuse for an indulging honeymoon!

Things to do: Desert safari, dune bashing, shopping, cruise tours, cultural shows, theme park visits, paragliding, skydiving, and water sports.


India, Incredible India, is the place to be for your winter honeymoon as this country allows you to sunbathe at the beaches and go skiing through snow-covered valleys all at the same time of the year. Plus, this is the time when almost all of its tourist destinations face the best weather conditions.

Things to do: Beach hopping, skiing, water-sports, trekking, spa sessions, nightlife, cruise tours, paragliding, bungee jumping, river rafting, shopping, heritage tours and historical tours.

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