Top Offbeat Destinations In Thailand – You Must Visit When You Be There

Thailand is among the most sought-after travel destinations in the Asian subcontinent, beyond doubt. However, it has some lesser known attractions that remain relatively free of crowds and clutter. These offbeat destinations are ideal for serenity loving visitors.

For a majority of tourists, the name of Thailand is synonymous with sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife and azure blue sea. However, you would be wrong to think most of the tourist destinations in Thailand are crowded. If you look past the bustling beaches of in the nation, there are several lesser known attractions that can make you enthralled. Listed below are some such offbeat tourist destinations in Thailand that your Bangkok holiday tour package may not covered when you been there.

Pai: This is also known as the backpacker’s heaven in northern Thailand.   It is a beautiful and serene village with mountain backdrop. You may need to rent a bike to explore the natural splendor of the countryside. There are riverside pubs where you can chill at night with a drink.  The main streets of the village are known for selling varieties of culinary delights at night. Do not opt for a Bangkok holiday package if the itinerary misses out on such amazing places! The nearby waterfalls and elephant camp are added attractions. It can be reached from Chiang Mai through bus route.

Sukhothai: Sukhothai is where several UNESCO world heritage sites are located. The Sukhothai Historical Park is important, and it has over 200 historical monuments along with some architectural ruins. There are several charming villages, lush green rice fields and gentle streams. The best way to explore this interesting attraction is on a bicycle. A number of shops let out bikes on rent to tourists at highly affordable rates. Sukhothai is well-connected to the main city and can be reached from Bangkok by bus or train.

Koh Lipe: It is an exotic island that you may have dreamt of visiting. Its blue waters, friendly locals and Milky white beaches make it the perfect holiday destination for just about anyone looking for an idyllic getaway. It is located at the border of Malaysia. This island is a part of the famous Tarutao National park and is known for its coral rich waters. No wonder divers from all over the world, head to Koh Lipe to enjoy and experience the many bounties found under the sea. The most popular dive sites are Yong Hua Shipwreck and 8 Mile Rock pinnacle.

Koh Lanta: It is akin to the ideal tropical paradise. The deep blue water, unspoiled beaches and amazing cuisine can keep you hooked. It has some of the excellent dive sites in the country, or even Asia. You may also spend time exploring the mangroves and use kayak. It can be reached from Krabi and Phuket.

Koh Mook: Koh Mook is a beautiful and serene island located nearby Koh Lanta. It is famous for emerald cave. While it is partially submerged, the cave is still worth exploring. A beach on the other side of the cave makes way for hours of unlimited fun in your very private picnic spot!

Khao Lak: If tranquility amidst natural bounty is what you cherish, head to this destination in Thailand. It is a few hours journey from Phuket. It has some amazing beaches and rainforests. The surrounding hills are where you can find three national parks. You may also check out a few adjacent islands too.

Kanchanaburi: This beautiful place in Thailand is steeped in history and culture. The well-known bridge on river Kwai is the main attraction here. It was the topic of a critically acclaimed movie. The bridge was made by the Allied POWS. Though the official name is the Thai-Burmese railway it is called the death railway. A lot of prisoners who were forced to set it up died in the process. Kanchanaburi is also known for the Erawan national park where you can see some beautiful waterfalls. It is just a few hours ride from Bangkok.

Phetchaburi: This sleepy town is yet to be affected by the tourism frenzy. However, the ancient temples, narrow lanes and old teak shop houses ooze a timeless ambience. The beaches are also amazing and same can be said about the food. The Tham Khao Luang, a huge cave shrine is also a big attraction here. The nature and wildlife lovers can head to the Kaeng Krachan National Park. By bus or train, it takes a few hours from Bangkok to reach Phetchaburi.

No Bangkok holiday is complete without a pit stop at these offbeat destinations that have plenty to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your hat, sunscreen, and your flip flops, and head to the beautiful Bangkok for a fun filled vacation complete with great food, adventure sports, and so much more!

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