Why there is a need to Save endangered species.?

Endangered species

The rides we used to enjoy on the ancient elephants, the majesty which enthralled us of the on-screen tiger, the soft toy manifestations of the giant pandas which still appeals us, the cranes which re-defined aesthetics for some of us, the shark whale of which we have heard with awe and many more tales and incidents where the life stories of such species have completed or is in the last few pages of culmination. Each story remains with us until it diffuses and sinks completely however, here the tale holds in a bleak future of not only these species but humanity at large.

There’s been a rift between humans and animals since time immemorial.  In accordance to which we, ‘the civilized’ have always tried to encroach upon the space of nature. The natural surroundings always take a backseat against humans. As with the mechanics of their brain they try to exert control over them for their greed and pleasure. However, their illusion is dispelled when nature inadvertently expresses its wrath in various forms and thus bringing a reminder of their futile existence by disrupting their surroundings.

Escaping at a hill station brings us in tune with the appalling reality of the loss of environment and the species which form an inevitable part of our food chain, which is a means of our sustenance yet this cover is vulnerable and the species are on a brink of extinction. The childhood scenery with green cover, shining sun and flying birds is a distant dream now. It is just the stray dogs we encounter now and then.

Understanding the crisis

There’s been a huge crisis in the ecological living system as various species have become extinct. Others have become endangered species. With the growing civilization, rampant capitalism, humans have lost the sensitivity to preserve their environment. They inhumanely encroach upon the surviving space of animals for their lofty interests, uproot their comfort zones. Leave them stranded on the bare ground. Moreover,hunting, the ancient sport of royal lineages which has been lawfully banned now.  Yet is still in practice in some remote tribal areas.

It is high time that we start considering these species as one amongst us and not as the other and protect them as we care for ourselves. We should realize the harmful impact on our food chain and ensure their healthy survival as far as we can. Stop embarking into their charted areas. we should also work towards controlling pollution and make a protective cover for their habitats.

We should stop hunting and start preserving wild life sanctuaries by reflecting on their needs as human needs.

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