Wildlife Sanctuaries that you should visit in India

India has the elegance of the flora combined with the beauty of the fauna. Where

could this combination prove more successful than in a wildlife sanctuary? Let us

explore some of the wildlife sanctuaries that stand out in this combination.

  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary: 

    This wildlife sanctuary is located in Kannur district of Kerala. It borders Coorg in Karnataka and spread over an area of 55 square kilometer.It receives an average rainfall of over 400cm to 500cm per year, as per the records.

    Evergreen and deciduous forests are found in the area. This is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries. The fauna consists of tigers, wild boars, etc. along with a good mix of insects, reptiles and birds.

    Exploring this sanctuary alone requires one day.

    The sanctuary is open from 8am to 6pm and the ticket fee is very minimal. The

    best month to visit this place is September. This area can be explored only by

    walking or by SUV vehicles.

  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: 

    This wildlife sanctuary can be reached from Munnar in Kerala as well as Pollachiin Tamilnadu. It houses a wide variety of animals such as tiger, spotted deer, and leopards. This

    sanctuary holds the only population of Grizzling Giant Squirrel.

    Apart from this, this reserve also contains various medicinal plants, shrubs and

    agricultural area too. This sanctuary also contains deciduous forest areas. Visting

    this place can be very useful as we can acquaint ourselves with much of the flora

    and fauna of this region. This sanctuary also encloses a waterfall.

    This sanctuary usually opens at 6am and closes at 6pm. The entry fee is very

    minimal. Trekking is allowed only after permission from the authorities.

    Also, the special guided tour takes you a trip via deciduous forests and the big

    waterfall. The cost is Rs. 300.


  • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary: 

    This sanctuary is located in Sulthan bathery near Wayanad in Kerala. Thissanctuary contains elephants but tigers and other animals are also spotted hereoccasionally. This is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries to visit. This sanctuary also houses a lot of insects and butterflies.

    It contains many semi-evergreen plants and deciduous forests.

    This sanctuary receives a lot of rainfall and the best month to visit this place is

    July, the monsoon season in Kerala.

    The entry fee is very minimal. There are eco-tourism activities such as trekking,


    it is a must-visit place beacause of jeep safari, etc. being conducted all round the year.


  • Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary:

     This sanctuaryis just 30 minutes away from Trivandrum Central Station. Thissanctuary houses 39 species of mammals, 176 species of birds, 30 species ofreptiles, 17 species of amphibians and 40 species of fishes. Wow! But the main

    attraction here is the Lion. It is also known as the Lion safari park.

    The vegetation here consists of lush green plants and the rainfall amount is large.

    The best time to visit this place is in the afternoon. The eco-tourism activities

    include lion safari, boating, Crocodile Park, etc.

    The entry fee is Rs. 250 per person

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab that bag and go for a trek!

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