13 Mouth Watering Mid Phera Snacks Your Guests Will Definitely Love!

Indian weddings happen mostly in night and the greatest thing about a marriage i.e. ‘saat phere’ are generally at mid night. So the greatest challenge is to keep everyone awake to witness the great moment. Even the heavy and delicious dinner get digested till the time the ‘phera’ come. So your guests might feel hungry too. At that time you cannot provide them something very heavy to eat. What do we do then? Well we have something for you here. We are giving you an idea of 13 Mouth Watering Mid Phera Snacks Your Guests Will Definitely Love!

  • Chips

    The cheap and chunky snacking item. You can make small packets of chips. It will engage your guests and they will get the taste.

  • Popcorn

    A wedding is almost like a movie and the guests are audience. So you can serve popcorns to your guest till they watch movie, I mean wedding.

  • Spring rolls

    Spring rolls filled with different types of fillings like noodles, vegetables or chicken can be served. It can be cut into small pieces to make it convenient to eat.

  • French Fries

    Nothing can be better than eating French fries with the added flavor of peri-peri masala and that too during the pheras will be loved by your guests.

  • Fried Olives

    With its continental taste, olive is add on to good health. Fried olives can be served either with drinks or with sauce. It is a not so common dish. Your guests would like to taste this and this can be something new for them.

  • Nachos with Dips

    Munching nachos with dips is a lip smacking snack. Nachos with salsa sauce or cheese dip will make your guests delighted.

  • Cup Noodles

    Maggie noodles is an all-time favorite for all. Having Maggie noodles that too in mid night can remind some people of their hostel life. You can serve this noodle in cups.

  • Roasted Dry Fruits

    Roasted dry fruits with salt and pepper spread over can be served alone or with drinks. It can be the best time pass for guests.

  • Garlic Bread

    Garlic bread with mayonnaise can add a flavor to the snacks. Cheese spread over bread will make it tastier and the guests will like it for sure.

  • Mini Burger

    The mini burger with their looks can become topper of the snacks. Keep the sizes of burger small i.e. a bite sized. Serve them with sauce.

  • Mini Sandwich

    Like mini burger you can go for mini sandwiches too. The breads can be cut into different shapes that will make it more presentable also.

  • Cookies

    Cookies with some monograms will be a good idea for snack. Go for different colors and design over cookies.

  • Doughnuts

    Marriage adds sweetness in life of the marrying couple. So some sweetness is needed for guests too. Why not do that with sweet doughnuts what would be better than ending up with the sweetness of doughnuts.

With these snacking ideas, your guests will surely be happy. They will get variety of things for their taste buds and you will get the satisfaction of serving your guests happily.




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