20 Best Genuine & expert wedding photographer in Delhi

Weddings are for lifestyle, and catching the wedding Planning ceremony remembrances is something that you definitely won’t want to miss out on. Finding the right professional photographer will accomplish you to accomplish just that. Whether you are looking for a candid professional wedding photographer . However, Someone who will take conventional images, one of these very proficient wedding photographers will be sure to support you. Additionally, A professional photographer is the person that causes it to be all occur. From developing an image to performing it perfectly. Search through our professional photographer directory. And be sure to choose a professional photographer that you ‘click’ with – you’ll be spending the entire day with them!

Wedding photographer

If you have already have your professional photographer, then you are extremely lucky. If you are still looking for the best, then here is the list in no particular order for “Top Marriage Expert photographers in Delhi/NCR”.


photo tantra

Photo Tantra is the creation of the married couple duo – Vinayak Das and Snigdha Sheel. The Photo Tantra, located in New Delhi began in 2009. They were perhaps the first married couple  group in Native indian to start capturing Native indian marriages in a more candid design.  With a photography design that is a mix of photojournalism and charm photography, candid photos and fun presented photos are their strength. The group has done launches at various foreign locations like the UK, Dubai, Thailand and Nepal. It was indeed humbling for the Image Tantra group when they were named as one of wedding photographer in India by Conde Naste Visitor. They became the first wedding photographer from Native indian, whose images were presented in the Individuals journal (US version Goal 2012).

Photo Tantra 5

Photo Tantra 4

Photo Tantra 3

View Photo Tantra Smartyindia store – click here

Arjun’s Tryst with Camera


A corporate professional who transformed his desire for those into an art and a career. He follows an image newspaper design without the need for fancy presents. The visuals shows his thought every wedding is exclusive and there’s an account to be told there. He maintains focus on both macro and micro stage activities during wedding functions, “big is awesome, but small is wonderful and touching”. Getting started in 2010, he likes his perform do the talking and recommendations keep him going strong. He considers, “Wedding photography in Native indian is going through a sea change as more partners return from free airline. The essential factor is to couple the two systems of conventional and candid photography whereby a healthy mix of visuals is obtained meeting objectives for both years – parents and the newlyweds”.

View Arjun’s Tryst with Digital camera Smarty India store

Arjun Tryst 6Arjun Tryst 1

Arjun Tryst 2

View Arjun’s Tryst with Digital camera Smarty India Shiv sharma Gallery.

Shiv Sharma

shiv sharma

He considers, as a professional photographer, he has a gift to have fun with the most heavenly and valuable occasion in people’s lives. The professional likes catching the short lived minutes that build a relationship truly exclusive. He launches everything that happens in and around wedding and try to catch the activities as they occur, as situation is revealed, and as situation known as Life starts. His desire for photography that created him take that huge jump of religion.  A switch from one career to another absolutely different one, just for the passion for it. His expounding design catches the temporary looks interchanged between the couple. The fun filled minutes with individuals family members members.

View Shiv Sharma Smarty India store

Shiv Sharma 2

Shiv sharma 1

Look at Shiv Sharma Smarty India Gallery

Wedding Twinkles

wedding twinkles

Wedding Twinkles offer professional photography with the help of their top photographers who are Pro in style photography. Marriage Twinkles, the effort was an idea of young business owner Reema Bhat, is one of the most preferred titles in candid photography. They catch images in a way that everything is frequented, and also make sure that each wedding is different and exclusive. Their photography can make the wedding a true memory to hold onto. It will always be identical to your marriage and connection that you discuss for lifestyle.

View Marriage Twinkles Smarty India store

Wedding Twinkles 3Wedding Twinkles 1

View Marriage Twinkles Smarty India store

Arjun Kartha

arkun k

Arjun is a nationwide top ranking professional photographer who considers in developing wonderful, offbeat and fun wedding remembrances which will last for our children and grandchildren. Along with his spouse Praerna, they typically function as a husband-wife group. They are leaders of the new candid photography category in Native indian. Arjun is extremely pleased to be the Marriage Photographer of the Year 2011 as well as one of the few Native indian individuals “Fearless Photographers” and the “Wedding Photojournalist Organization (WPJA)” – two of the most top level organizations in the world that recognize quality in photography.

View Arjun Kartha Smarty India store




View Arjun Kartha Smarty India store

Morvi Images


Acquiring pictures, developing wonderful images and weaving encounters out of them is something Morvi had done for decades. She flourish on the process and experienced very connected to the art of photography. After finishing from the National Institution of favor technology, she went on to do a Experts in Interaction Design from Winchester School of Arts, Southampton School. With photography, she experienced she had found the specialty. She aims to make images that catch the real substance of the customers and tell their story with an indication of design and class. Her photography design is best described as modern and clean combined with classic appearance.

View Morvi. Images Smarty India store

Morvi Images 4

Morvi Images 3

View Morvi. Gallery Smarty India store

Shutter Ink


Nitin & Sandeep are the owners & primary photographers of Shutterink. Their decades of expertise & helpful operating design enable them to attractively catch all the fun, dilemma, and flow of feelings during a relationship. Their images are soulful, and a combination of helpful strategy & amazing photography, makes them among the most sought-after wedding photographers in the region.

Shutterink 1

ShutterInk profile picture

Dipak Studios


The Dipak Studios is under operation of photograph professionals Mohan & Raman. This is one of the most impressive photography organization with a different strategy towards preserving your valuable minutes. They have emerged to appear as an image organization which provides minutes in an original taste that makes them feel like last night. With full Dedication, every member of their business will give you candid and story minutes which incorporate an account around your moment. They have done superstar marriages of Rishi Kapoor & Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter. Mr Sunder Dipak the man behind the show has been in the field of photography since ages. It’s under his perspective, his kids Mohan & Raman got the motivation to further carry his foundation. They are one of the very famous titles in the photography industry with lots of starry titles as customers.


Dipak 1

Dipak 2

Neeraj Agnihotri


You can consider it to be as one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi. Neeraj Agnihotri excels in multiple styles from Fashion to Marketing to Weddings. With an inventive curve of mind and durable desire for style photography, his style photography skills further extends to even a plain, candid photography. Thus beginning his own trademark design of favor motivated photography. For him, photography is not just a career, but a way of showing that leads stories to even your still topics. His perform is highly in demand, however, it’s not the prizes in the end that keep him going, but it’s the limitless passion for photography.

View Neeraj Agnihotri Smarty India Gallery

Neeraj Agnihotri 2

Neeraj Agnihotri 4

View Neeraj Agnihotri Smarty India Gallery

Rishabh Sood


Rishabh is manage Professional photographer at Genuine Stories Photography. He catches the romance, feelings and keenness of the most special day in a couple’s lifestyle and art it into a wonderful story by expecting minutes by being silent, discreet and unseen as a professional photographer. His perform is a combination of Fine Art Photo-journalism and he is available to visit places to catch the wedding ceremony.

View Rishabh Sood Smarty India Gallery

Rishabh Sood 4

Rishabh Sood 1

View Rishabh Sood Smarty India Gallery

Avnish Dhoundiyal

avnish d

Avnish is a fashionable and candid professional photographer focused from Delhi. He began his professional career as an interior visualizer. The reason behind it, his attraction to lighting and colours. His passion for traveling is what cause him into candid photography. He has an outstanding eye for details and looks for to catch the candid minutes of the wedding.

View The Really like Hit Weddings Smarty India Gallery

Avnish 1

Avnish 4

Avnish 2

Avnish 5

View The Really like Hit Weddings Smarty India Gallery

Vikram Arora


“Photography has generally been a factor of my lifestyle, whether it was catching people or wonderful scenery. But my perform lifestyle is in the field of visible developing successive to a career in art direction from starting”, says Vikram Arora. He has worked in the creative domain for over 12 decades and his creative feeling significantly helps him in developing his own design of photography – organic and emotional. He generates genuine visuals with an exciting encounter, producing a result that is– Spectacular.

View Vikram Arora Smarty India Gallery

Vikram Arora profile

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Vikram Arora 2

Banjara studios


Ashish Pareek, the guy powering Banjara Studios is an professional by education. He left his job to engage in his long term desire for photography about four decades ago. After supporting the famous France professional photographer Xavier Zimbardo on his Native indian task, Ashish experienced that the mass-production way of photography was not doing rights to the gorgeous minutes at the once-in-a-lifetime wedding matters. Ashish launches marriages to tell encounters which could be re-visited for lifestyle. More than fifty partners across Native indian attest for his art. His unique strategy has been presented in an original article in India’s popular British daily as well.

View Banjara Studios Smarty India Gallery

Banjara 3

Banjara 1

View Banjara Studio Smarty India Gallery

Mahima Bhatia


An graduates of Delhi School and Jamia Milia Islamia, and just finising a short program at the New You are able to Film Academia, Mahima Bhatia is a Delhi centered professional photographer. To start with acquiring with show launches, she has slowly and continuously increased her area at your workplace to wedding and food centered photography. Versatile work hours, customized service and single-handed dedication of what she does, has created her a preferred professional photographer for various activities.

View Mahima Bhatia Smarty India Gallery

Mahima Bhatia 5

Mahima Bhatia 3

Look Mahima Bhatia Smarty India Gallery

Avantika Meattle


Avantika tends to make remembrances – catching the substance of occasions through images that express the pleasures, festivities, enjoyment, anxiety and all the feelings that make any occasion worth keeping in mind. For her, pictures are a play of lights, shades, dark areas and feelings – which all come together in her collections. Additionally, Having spent the early aspect of her career as control professional photographer for Bollywood movies like Umrao Jan, Dostana, Kismat Connection etc., Avantika shifted to Delhi in 2007 where she has been concentrating on photography. However, She includes selected marriages and her strength is her ability to connect with new bride at a personal stage and discuss a comfortable formula, which helps her get the easiest and psychologically rich encounters.

Look Avantika Meattle Smarty India Gallery

Avantika 2

Avantika 1

Perspective Avantika Meattle Smarty India Gallery

Filmy Shaadi


A couple of heart siblings, Taranum, Pallak, Shefali get together to provide quality and professionalism, reliability, reliability for marriages and social activities through their candid manufacturing arm known as Filmy Shaadi Shows. Their strategy relies on catching the feelings, passion and magnificence of Native indian marriages in a candid method build a theatre encounter for the families. There effort is to build a complete encounter across pics and vids, developing something exclusive and exclusive at every occasion.

Perspective Filmy Shaadi Smarty India Gallery

Filmy Shaadi 1Filmy Shaadi 3

Filmy Shaadi 4

Perspective Filmy Shaadi with Smarty India Gallery

Click Sutra


Ankit, a enthusiast professional photographer is the face behind “Click Sutra Photography”. He began his career this year and then there was no looking back after that. Ankit never really thought of catching marriages. but his love for the variety of feelings which occur during marriage ceremony. And then as destiny would have it, he was given a chance to display his family members friend’s function that turned out to be a lucky factor for his photography career.

Look at Click Sutra Smarty India Gallery

Click sutra 5

Click Sutra 2

Look at Click Sutra Smarty India Gallery

Alma Wedding


Neal Kartik, the guy at the rear of Alma Marital life, brings remarkable energy to a relationship. Apart from that, For him, photography is an art of looking at things in a different way & giving lifestyle to the creativeness. His design of photography is best described as clean, fun and a little unusual. He considers that everyone should get to have implausible remembrances of their wedding, while everything around us changes, pictures never grow old.

Look at Alma Marriage Smarty India Gallery


Look at Alma Marriage Smarty India Gallery

Foto Cult


FotoCult Fringe movement is an innovation of Sunil Verma. Born and brought up in Delhi and an MBA graduate student, Sunil always had an appreciation for journey and photography. Additionaly, But he didn’t realize his strength for it until 2011, when he actually bid adieu to his well resolved, profitable financial career in Dubai, only to follow the romance, and his long valued think of becoming a professional photographer. However, His perform has been under analysis. Got a place in a number of publications and publications, such as Hindustan Times’ Situation among others.

Look at FotoCult Smarty India Gallery

Fotocult 2

Fotocult 5

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