All about Fun-filled Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi weddings seem to be loud and extravagant from outside. Bit, in actual terms it’s just a perception of many. The thing is just Punjabis are more open to celebrate their happy moments. They are bit expensive than some of the other ethnic Indian races. The dazzling colors on display of the venue, beautiful girls dressed up in designer lehnga-cholis and ladies draped in heavy saris looks completely ready to take selfies. And the handsome gentleman in sherwanis and branded suits just gives them a classy look like that of a swagger.

The moment you keep your foot inside the venue you are welcomed in their Punjabi style. You would amaze to hear the sweet laughter and gossips & guests passing million dollar smiles.  The melody in music and fun in the dance steps is the most beautiful part of Punjabi weddings. Apart from the fun-loving race, here are the wedding rituals that Punjab is follow while celebrating happy moments.

 Pre-Wedding Rituals:

The first most ritual is the roka ceremony in which both bride’s family and groom’s family, give each other the commitment to tie the knots soon.  A small function is held in banquet hall, in old times it used to be at the groom’s house. The father of the bride offers some gifts and sweets at the time of the tilak. Then, the bride is draped with a chunni, in the chunni chadana ceremony. Also the girl is presented with a sari and beautiful jewelry. After this, the bride is given boiled rice and milk to eat, made by groom’s family. Just few days before, the couples exchange their rings. The marriage proceeds with a sangeet raat in which the ladies dance and celebrate the joy moments. Then there is the Mehndi ceremony, the bride hands and feet gets filled with beautiful mehndi designs.

Wedding Rituals:

Before wedding, the maternal uncle of the bride gives her red and white bangles to wear. And this is known to be Chudha Ceremony. The Ghara Ghardoli, the bride and groom take bathe with the water brought from the Gurudwara. On the wedding day, on the groom’s forehead, a flower veil is tied after the moment he sits on the horse. These are known to be the Sehrabandi and Ghodi Chadna rituals. Once the bride and groom reach the venue, they exchange garlands. After this, they are taken to the mandap, where bride’s father performs the hardest task of his life by doing kanyadaan. The next is the mangalpheras around the scared fire.

Post Wedding Rituals:

After wedding, the bride leaves for her sasural, throwing back a handful of rice towards her parental house. This ceremony is known to be Vidaai. Once the bride reaches groom’s house, the mother-in-law of the bride puts mustard oil on both the ends of the doors. Then she performs the traditional aarti and asking the couple to come inside. Then, the couple is asked to take the blessings of god. To give a warm welcome to the couple for their new life, a reception party is thrown by the groom’s side.   

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