Frame the Occasion of Your Wedding with Wedding Videographer Melbourne

Capture your precious moments, frame your favourite persons on your D-Day and keep memories intact with Wedding Videographer Melbourne. Let your wedding video be a manifestation of your wedding day. On that specific day, you promise globally to spend the rest of your life holding your partner’s hand. The team aims to produce a filmy wedding video worthy of the couple’s commitment made on that day.

So, the team strives not to miss a single moment, selects appropriate music and edits in a stylised manner. All the photos are weaved so beautifully that becomes difficult for the viewers to understand that the video is a synchronised accommodation of all the wedding snapshots.


Meet the efficient professionals of the Wedding Videographer Melbourne team.

  • DIRECTOR AND VIDEOGRAPHER – The director cum videographer is an experienced person, a name that has stood firmly in this field for more than a decade. His strength is capturing the moments of the dance floor or to be more precise, all moving objects.
  • STUDIO MANAGER – The art of editing is in the studio manager’s veins. He is ever ready to touch his magical wand upon any project in your wedding footage.
  • EDITOR – There are more than one editor in the Studio. While one has a love affair with the editing techniques, while the other brings technical brilliance, while some others have the ear for adding the right background music.
  • VIDEOGRAPHER – The videographer reaches to all remote areas to capture all the candid moments of the lovely couples.

The whole team of Wedding Videographer Melbourne makes you feel relaxed in front of the camera. The team members converse with you so familiarly that you tend to say bye-bye to camera fright and become careless enough to gift the team with wonderful candid shots.

Classification of Portfolios

  1. Beach Weddings

With the crystal blue sea at the backdrop and the sky kissing the horizon, the bride and groom exchanging rings in such an ambience is really a moment to be framed. The style of wedding be it traditional, vintage or contemporary, is clubbed up by the apt videographic effects that gel well.

  1. City Weddings

Keeping aside the hustle bustle of the countryside, let your big day be celebrated in a busy city venue where snaps of your wedding will speak of your Nicholas Sparks-type love story.

  1. Garden Weddings

With the clustered moss and fern deposited at the end of the garden and amidst the lush greenery the photographs will have a soft texture, enhancing the beauty and grace of the couple.


  • Essence Package – Covers for 6 hours through DSLR lens and lapel microphone for crystal clear speech sound.
  • Full Day Package – 10 hours of cinematic coverage with professional DSLR camera and again lapel microphone for clear audio.
  • Multi-Camera Package – 14 hours of coverage using multiple cameras for more cinematic look.
  • Featured Package – 18 hours of generous hard work behind the lens, time being divided between 2 professionals, delivering high definition video into well packed walnut boxes.
  • Optional Extras – The Wedding Videographer Melbourne here covers extra hours or reaching out to places, that is, out of Melbourne.


Thus, the advanced team of Wedding Videographer Melbourne carries out their work dutifully. Their superbly cinematic video CD is a small kind contribution on your wedding. The CD is packed up in walnut box crafted beautifully. An additional facility of the team is if within 1 year you lose the CD, do not hesitate to contact with the team because a backup of your wedding is stored with them for 1 year.

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