A picture speaks a thousand words.

And that is why, you need those perfect wedding pictures that capture your wedding day in its full glory. These pictures will be your gateway to revisit the wonderful memories of your wedding day time and again. And it is absolutely essential that you have the pictures taken by a professional who brings out the best of you in his clicks. So here we are with a list of our favorite wedding photographersin Delhi. Have a look!

Tarun Chawla Photography.

Based in New Delhi, he has been capturing weddings for over 5 years now. He has shot over 200 weddings in India and internationally. He takes stunning candid’s, and will have you flaunting your wedding day pictures on social media! What more could we ask for?

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Studio Kelly.

Looking for the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi? Look no further. Studio Kelly provides pre-wedding shoots, wedding photography and lots more! They use high end technology like drones to capture even the most inaccessible areas and make sure your pictures turn out super gorgeous.


One of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, ShutterInk have made a mark in this field. From weddings to pre-wedding and even post-wedding pictures, you name it and they will do it for you. They will give you the fairy tale like pictures you require. Those pictures will definitely please you !


Go all fancy and beautiful with these guys! Vogue India lists them as one of their top picks for wedding photography in India. So you bet that you will not regret picking them. They have photographed for some really high profile clients ranging from actors to entrepreneurs to big business families and NRIs. They are excellent at what they do and you would love getting clicked by them.

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Dipak Studio.

Imaging experts Raman Dipak and Mohan bring the most innovative wedding photography to the arena. Started way back in 1962 as a small time photo studio, it now has its presence in both Delhi and Gurgaon as one of the most organized players in wedding photography business with a large team of wedding professionals ranging from photographers to cinematographers, album designers to video editors, and has also done international destination weddings in Amsterdam and Dubai. They deliver moments in a unique flavor which makes them feel like yesterday. They are full of dedication to give you candid and narrative moments which weave a story around your moment.

GulzarSethi Photography.

This is a man who is famous for his bride portraits. Ladies, are you listening? Gulzar has been featured on National Television with the popular bridal make over show on NDTV GoodTimes, the famous “Band Baajaa Bride” in 2014. Last year GulzarSethi was bestowed with the award for the “Best Wedding Photographer in India”. That is assurance enough that you are in good hands, right?

So that sums up our list for the best wedding planning in Delhi. We hope you find what you are looking for from our top picks and get your memories etched in these photographs, which are no less than masterpieces. Good luck!


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